ParaLux Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Kaohsiung Software Technology Park. The company’s team is committed to the AIOT Internet of Things innovative application and system software development and construction. It has accumulated more than 25 years of industry experience, providing customers with high-quality, professional and complete services and creating exclusive competition for customers. In 2019, it will expand its business service demand and settle in the Taichung Software Technology Park.

Business philosophy, future development
『Customer-oriented 』, 『Building a high-quality team』, 『Providing innovative services』
The main business philosophy is to establish a development platform foundation through technical cooperation / technology transfer with relevant government counseling agencies and reduce costs, increase timeliness, and build innovative service information systems through professional division of labor and strategic partner alliances. , Happy enterprise and giving back to the society.

Become a technology leader who promotes the seamless integration of IOT smart devices and drive technologies (PEOPLE), processes (PROCESSES), data (DATA), and things (THINGS) with advanced cloud service technology and ensures overall operating efficiency

core value:
『Integrity』 ﹕ Integrity is gold, integrity is the foundation of people, and the foundation of starting a business
『Responsibility』 ﹕ Responsible, active and responsible, dedicated
『novation』 ﹕  Everyone has the ability to improve, every opportunity to subvert