The Internet of Things should be innovatively applied Smart Healthcare Smart Logistics
Personnel care tracking management system

The Kaohsiung Rongmin General Hospital’s Leling Sunshine Center uses the “RoLa / Beacon Positioning and Tracking System” and uses the Internet of Things IOT technology to wear an eTag identification card for each elder of the Rizhao center. For help signal), together with the real-time display system and background management system of the front desk of Xin Technology, not only provide the Rizhao center manager to know the elder’s location in real time, the elders have not returned the alarm indication when they are overtime, and can also provide information automatically collected by the usual activity system Big data analysis, in addition to greatly saving management costs, has also improved management efficiency!

RFID logistics asset management

System marketing (stock) Through the Internet of Things IOT technology, each logistics box is affixed with a waterproof RFID tag containing an international standard code and an RFID Reader, and then cooperated with the Qinxin technology APP and back-end management system to facilitate the logistics company for the amount of logistics assets, It is located in the store or logistics center to manage the flow and inventory, which greatly saves management costs and improves the efficiency of managing assets!

Valuable medical equipment tracking management system

In a large hospital in the south, the IoT technology can be used to add valuable RFID tags to the operating room of the hospital and add RFID tags to the front desk and back-end cloud management system of the Essence Technology, which facilitates the tracking and management of medical staff, greatly reducing the time to find equipment and save time and cost. Improve the efficiency of medical staff.