Unified marketing

Tongji Marketing Co., Ltd. is a national professional low-temperature logistics company of the unified enterprise group. Currently, it has multiple professional logistics centers across the country. The main business is B2B tally distribution for 7-11 low temperature and fresh food products (including frozen- 25 ° C, refrigerated 5 ° C, fresh bread 18 ° C).

The company team collaborated with the unified group marketing company to use RFID technology to build “cloud supply chain logistics asset management”. It tracks and manages logistics boxes that deliver frozen -25 ° C, refrigerated 5 ° C, and fresh bread 18 ° C. Improve overall industry efficiency, reduce labor costs, and optimize service systems.

Gaider Technology Co., Ltd.

Gade Technology provides product and service modules with family needs as its core, and product and service modules with family needs as its core, including five major product and service modules including life care, home dispatch, health management, medical services, and family interaction group.

The company team has long-term cooperation with G & D Technology in 2010, and cooperated with G & D Angel System care products to create a “cloud care service platform”, and let each child and family grasp at anytime and anywhere through the smartphone “Security Angel App” Concerned about parents or children, the measurement data of the wearing device will be automatically uploaded to the “cloud care service platform” in real time, providing personalized health big data and improving personal health management.

Kymco industrial co., Ltd.

Taiwan’s locomotive manufacturing company, founded in 1963, has grown vigorously over the years. It has not only established itself in many of Taiwan’s early industries, but has also faced challenges with a spirit of innovation.

The company team has been working with the Gwangyang Locomotive Information Department for a long time for more than ten years in 2010. In collaboration with Gwangyang Industry, it has completed large projects such as “domestic access system”, “overseas access system”, “APP fleet management system” and “APP maintenance management system” , Reduce the cost of information development, and accelerate assistance to improve customer competitiveness.